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And So It Begins – MKMMA Week 1

Star Trek – Borg – Resistance is futile…I wish!
Resistance is hijacking my future. Correction…WAS hijacking my future.
I’ve taken on a lot lately. My health (exercise, drinking enough water, chiropractic care, a 3-week cleanse)
My business (taking it to the next rank – Thank you Mark J. for your fabulous MLM training)
Painting classes (I must nourish my creative side)
And of course, the usual stuff like grandkids (there’s 6 of them and one on the way),
seeing and caring for my mom (she’s in a memory care facility),
managing two homes (our central headquarters and the mountain retreat on 7 acres),
I’m sure I’ve forgotten something…oh right, the MKMMA!!! (Master Key Master Mind Alliance)
I figured that it was probably a good idea to REALLY put everything in my calendar and keep to my schedule. Whoa. The pencil doesn’t want to mark up the pretty calendar. Maybe I should get an ugly one. Yikes. What’s that nauseous feeling I’m getting in my body when I attempt to mark out a block of time to do business calls or my ‘MKMMA Change My Freakin Life’ homework? What if one of my daughters calls and asks me to watch the kids, or better yet, suggests we go out to lunch.
I certainly can’t say no so it’s better to just not have a schedule, right?
I just finished the first draft of my DMP (Definite Major Purpose). There’s a bunch of really great stuff in there and if I’m going to even come close to THAT life, well as the Fabulous Davene says, I’ve got to put on my big girl panties and GET REAL!
So I did it. I used those colored pencils we got and colored in blocks of time. It’s freakin’ me out but I did it. Now I get to KEEP MY PROMISE! I’m so glad that I have our Master Mind Alliance for 6 whole months. This is Awesome.
And this weekend I’m going to share it all with my family so they’ll understand when I have to say no (ugh) to their last-minute requests. It’s all good, they get to benefit from my new life too.
My new morning routine for MKMMA.
I start with the readings then some yoga to prepare my body for 15 minutes of stillness as prescribed in the Master Key. The morning weather here has been perfect lately so I decide to do my 15 minutes in the back yard under the grape arbor. What could be better? The sounds of the neighborhood awakening, birds singing, a slight chill on my skin but still some summer warmth, and the smell of fresh morning air. My big dog Roxy thinks it’s a good time to be outside too. OK, sure.
I set my timer, get comfortable but upright and I find that I need some perfection in the way I’m sitting. What’s that all about?
My hands MUST be resting exactly the same way, my feet MUST be place equal to each other AND I MUST be sitting perfectly in the middle of the chair – Is that weird?
Anyway, I begin. Stillness comes fairly easy since I have been meditating off and on for several years. Wait…what’s that?
My eye brow itches. Oh God, it feels like a spider crawling on my eyebrow. Maybe I should just brush my hand over it…NO! Stop it! I made a promise to do the exercises as prescribed. I will have control over my body. Just be with the itch. Be one with the spider…ok, it’s going away. Relax. I’m good. I haven’t moved.
Birds chirping…fresh air…wait. What’s that smell. Yuck, it’s getting stronger.
Oh, I recognize it now. Roxy’s morning constitution. Lovely. IMG_0223
I sit in stillness…poop smell and all.