Can I really do it all? – MKMMA Week 2

Can I really do it all? That’s what’s going through my head right now. All the reading, writing and re-writing my DMP (Definite Major Purpose), writing a weekly BLOG, posting on Twitter (I still don’t get the point of Twitter so I’ve only posted once), two weekly webinars, weekly CHORES, and Tweetdeck…really? I’m sure that I’m spending much more time then I’m should be on our homework. It does seem like a lot though!

What I’m noticing is that, once again, I’m using a personal growth program to keep me from doing what I need to do to expand my business. It’s just another form of RESISTANCE. Damn it. I’m taking on this program 100% and I haven’t skipped a thing (except tweeting). I’m pretty proud of myself for that because it’s not my usual modus operandi. In the past, I have to admit, that I’ve done programs kind of half assed. Then I’m disappointed that I didn’t get the results I wanted…duh! It’s because at some point I get confronted by something that pushes me out of my ‘comfort zone’ and I don’t do it. Well, I’m not willing to do that with this program. But I find that I’m letting some things go and that’s getting to me. So…if it isn’t written, it isn’t true, right?

Here’s that scheduling thing again. “I don’t want to be a slave to my calendar”. That’s ridiculous! I am already a slave to my habits and not keeping to a schedule is a BAD habit that’s certainly NOT working. So I’ll do it. I’ll replace that bad habit with the good habit of scheduling it all and keep to my schedule. Big time RESISTANCE. But I’m trusting and believing that this is all going to work out. The Master Key is fascinating to me. I can’t believe that I never knew about it. And the Greatest Salesman is putting new thoughts into my subconscious. I am truly excited!

A few days ago, my grandson, asked me what I was reading and why I was reading out loud. I explained that papa and I need to change our thinking. There are things in life that we want to do and achieve and our current level of thinking isn’t cutting it. So I read the same chapter in this book three times a day, every day for 30 days and out loud before I go to sleep. He said, looking at me like I must have said that wrong, “the same chapter for 30 days?” YEP! Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But I think it’s gonna take a little crazy to snap me out of this mediocrity I’ve been willing to live with. (Actually my life is already pretty amazing but, like I said, it’s time to take it to the next more amazing level.) Onward!

Matthew 2015


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