MKMMA Week 4

I get it…this is THE week. The week where we separate the girls from the women, the boys from the men, the weekend warriors from the Olympic athletes…you get the picture. This was a difficult week for me. Confession time! Early morning events pushed my morning routine around so I had to move my Master Key reading and 15 minute sit to before bed. My midday Greatest Salesman read ended up being an early evening read. I didn’t get in my daily exercise. The 15 minutes of drawing that I promised, didn’t happen. Sigh… And to top it all off, I dropped my iPhone this morning and it hit the one teeny tiny spot without protection and shattered the glass. It’s ALL jacked up!

Bigger sigh… Oh, and now the computer program I need to send out a meeting invitation is doing some weird shit. Our pets cost us over $1000 today. SherKhan, the cat, has a thyroid condition and now has to be on medication for the rest of her life. Exams for the dogs including vaccines, HeartGuard and Flea and Tick ‘poison’ and badda boom…$1000 bill.

It’s 6 pm on Friday and I’m just now writing this Blog. Oh crap, and I haven’t done my afternoon read yet. I haven’t even showered today and I need to be dressed in less than and hour for dinner with friends. Breathe…

What is it that Haanel says? “The Universal cannot express through you as long as you are busy with your plans, your own purposes; quiet the senses, seek inspiration, focus the mental activity on the within, dwell in the consciousness of your unity with Omnipotence.”

I’m not yet sure how to do that but I’m in it for the long haul…In the meantime I’m going to have wine and dinner with friends.


2 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 4

  1. Patricia Loofbourrow (@MKMMA_pattyloof)

    I’ve had those kind of days … if you get the habit of doing your morning reading and sit first thing the rest of the day tends to go better … just remember we create our outer world and it helps keep the whole thing in a humorous light. When I have those days I just go, look what I created! Isn’t subby awesome 🙂 and then go on. You’re doing great!

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  2. janesmasterkey

    I know what you mean! Seems like sometimes the adage “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” fits me. Unless I get my reading, sit, etc. first thing in the morning, everything is thrown off and “life” creeps in. I get it done, but it is all thrown off. A glass of wine sometimes gives of perspective of not taking things so serious. It’s all a test! Are we going to continue or do the old blue print and quit? Not this time!



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