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What are you affirming? MKMMA Week 9

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

I am tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, overweight, afraid, self-conscious and tired. (yep I said tired twice!)

2 affirmations. 2 different outcomes. Which one would you choose? No brainer right? In our study this week of the Master Key Haanel says that the first affirmation is scientifically accurate. It’s the truth about who we are. Affirming it night and day has created what seems to be miraculous results. If you thought it would do the same for you would you use it?

The second statement would obviously be ridiculous to affirm…wouldn’t it? Well…those are the things that I noticed I say to myself fairly often…often enough to notice. My husband would say that I say them a lot! So not only do I say them to myself but I tell other people too. If my job is to protect my subconscious mind from the negative thoughts of my conscious mind, then what the hell am I doing?

Until I started writing this blog I truly never considered those negative thoughts as affirmations. I certainly never said them all at once or even on the same day…The definition of an affirmation is – a statement or proposition that is declared to be true. Have I been declaring them as true?¬† What do you say to yourself or out loud to others? Is it something spectacular that’s going to move your life forward or something negative that will keep you stuck?

How about this one…


Much love to you and your beautiful life.


Powerful Beyond Measure – MKMMA week 8

My personal guide hasn’t passed my DMP yet (definite major purpose). Here’s what she wrote after the latest revision…”This is really good. But why do you not have these things now? What changes do you make to get them? What are you letting go of, giving up, or becoming in order to have these things?”

I don’t have the things I want yet because I’m not doing what it takes to have them. I guess that’s pretty plain and simple. I think what I need to let go of is FEAR. Fear of what? That people will think I’m weird or stupid, or as Marianne Williamson says, fear that I am powerful beyond measure? I guess that would be the ‘becoming’ thing. Becoming powerful beyond measure.


What would that be like? Doing the work of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance is giving me a glimpse.

I am on vacation this week in Hawaii with family. There’s 11 of us and it’s been great and a little crazy ūüė¨. It’s been a challenge to keep up with all the MKMMA work between lounging by the pool, sitting on the beach and eating…rough life! So I end here and I continue to get more and more clear about my guides questions. Thank you Patty. I’m getting there.

??????? MKMMA Week 7

I’m just up against something…I want to slow down…spend more time with my grandkids…I’m putting on an all-day business meeting tomorrow. It’ll be great and I’m stressed about it. Didn’t do my afternoon read today…lot’s of preparations…I need a bigger team. I want a month long vacation.
I want, I want, I want…just leaves me wanting.

My past thinking got me here. Here’s actually a really great place. (Just doesn’t feel like it sometimes).¬†My thinking today will give me my future. I think I fell off my mental diet today. Bummer. I was doing really well. I’m hating the clock…can I really live by the compass? Is it possible to have too many responsibilities? Sometimes I just want to stay in bed all day…I’m going to take each one of my grandkids to our country house for a ‘sleepover’. Really spend some quality time with them. That sounds nice. Maybe over Christmas vacation.

I’m all over the place today…KaleidoscopeCan you relate?

On the verge of a Breakthrough – MKMMA Week 6

I began to notice this week that I was becoming annoyed with my three daily readings. I caught myself rolling my eyes and sighing at the thought of my afternoon reading of The Greatest Salesman. Reading the same chapter 90 times and now 9 readings into he second scroll (which I LOVE by the way) had me feeling tired and bored.

Then it hit me…this was a familiar feeling. This is what I do…correction, this is what I’ve done in the past. I start something, a routine, a weekly call, exercise, whatever, and at some point I stop! I quit! I give up! As I’m writing this blog I’m thinking of the people who I’ve let down or disappointed. The people who I left wondering what happened to me. And I remember thinking to myself, It’s no big deal, I didn’t really make a PROMISE to anyone that I’d be on that call every week, or that this time I’d really keep to my exercise routine, or that I really would start cooking healthy meals for myself and my husband…

I feel like someone in a twelve step program. I think it’s step 9 where you make amends. I think I’d better start with me. All the promises that I’ve made to myself that I managed to keep…for a day or two. Sheesh. I guess I’ve got some work to do.

I started taking oil painting classes about 3 years ago. I took a 6 month leave of absence in January for personal reasons. I almost didn’t go back. I enjoy¬†painting and I’m pretty good but it was often difficult and uncomfortable and I had all kinds of reasons for not going back. But I did. And now I’m wanting to paint more. It feels like I’ve turned a corner and I’m loving it!

What if it was always like that? What if I kept my promises and did the thing? What would my life look like? So I pick up the book and read. Three times a day. The book, the cards, my DMP. This time I’m going to trust the process and just do it. I’ve only got this one life and I’ve only got so much time (even if I live by the compass)…I PROMISE.