The Art of Thinking. MKMMA Week 17


The art of thinking.

Have you ever considered your ability to think as an art?
As a fairly new artist I spend time focusing on the image of what I’m painting. I think about what colors to mix together to get just the right shade, value and depth. Then the brush strokes. Are the edges soft or hard. Where is the dark. Where is the light. The smallest touch of paint in the perfect place will make all the difference. I’m still learning and my paintings take dozens of hours of focused attention.
Now, can you imagine giving that much attention to your thinking?
Thousands of thoughts pass through our minds every day…spouse, kids, grand-kids, aging parents, work, customers, emails, Facebook, twitter, food, sleep, friends, exercise, how do I look, how do I feel, school, Angry Birds, baby shower, am I doing okay, jewelry, clothes, texting, business partners, the weather, the economy, our next president, do these jeans make my butt look big…Many are important…some aren’t, and some are just plain unnecessary. It can be overwhelming and exhausting!
Then all of a sudden, one catches your attention. Stops you in your tracks. Is it actually worthy of your attention? Will it empower your goals? It sticks around for awhile. Your insight and intuition gives you the opportunity to play with the thought before you commit to it. YES. Like the artist you give it your focused attention. You see the details in your mind. You feel passionate about it, you love it, you dream about it, you talk about it. It moves you in ways that you’ve never been moved before. Your actions are new. Your mind is clear. You relax. The pathway is set. Your subconscious mind goes to work. Your desire is in harmony with the Universal Mind…
And so it is.

8 thoughts on “The Art of Thinking. MKMMA Week 17

  1. Carol Ann

    Very interesting example of visioning. Thoughts becoming things, noticing how in your example of painting how all the hours of contemplation and mind focus is channeled into physical action to create the masterpiece. You see yourself painting and when you are ready, you paint and if it isn’t exactly what you want, you keep painting.

    So when you have focused hours on your work and you want to talk to others about an opportunity for them. It’s got to be your thinking stopping you (or me); we will over-ride the thoughts by picking up the brush (phone) and begin to paint with no thought to having to be perfect. GREAT thinking robin, keep on keeping on!

    Saw this again today for us – BOLDNESS HAS GENIUS, POWER AND MAGIC IN IT.

    Carol Ann, CVO, 775-720-1084 WAHINE POWER, Musing 1,000,000 Women (and a few wise men) from Good to GREAT! “Together, mere mortals make miracles”



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