One More Day – MKMMA Week 18


As my mom got older she would read the obituaries every morning. She said she was looking for people she knew. I thought it was an awful habit and depressing too. I figured I’d hear about someone close to me passing away from a friend or family member so I wouldn’t need to look at the obituaries.

So now, part of our MKMMA homework is to read a couple of obituaries every day. Then ask myself the following question…What would that person give to change places with me and have just one more day?

Crap. I hate reading obituaries. But, I’m committed to the program and I trust the process. So I read…Ruth H., died at 104. She finished second place in a high school public speaking contest. One of the judges told her that she would have won first place but the top prize had to go to a boy.

Marilyn K. was 80. We graduated from the same high school. She founded a contact lens business, was two term president of the Sacramento Children’s home and a founding member of Los Amigos. She was on the Del Paso Country Club board of directors, a Junior League member, two ski clubs and an elite golf club.

Then Boneta J. She was only 61. Had kids, grandkids and lots of family that will miss her smile, laugh and generous heart.

Okay. So now I’m kind of interested in these people’s lives. Some have done amazing things in their lifetime. It’s pretty cool. These are individuals who left their mark on the world in many different ways. But back to the question…What would that person give to change places with me and have just one more day?

The question itself confuses me. Is it something about MY Life that they would want to have for just one more day OR is it just having one more day alive? I think the question is meant for me to look at MY Life. Am I stepping up and creating an extraordinary life that someone would want to have?

Geez, I don’t know. If I could have one more day I’d give up everything to just be with the people I love…I’m struggling with this one…what do you think?


5 thoughts on “One More Day – MKMMA Week 18

  1. dlaurance

    Great writing as always! I think the concept of considering if those we discover reading obits would be willing to take our day, even with it’s struggles, so why should we complain, but I think you pose a higher question – are we about creating a day that others would like to have. Or better, are we designing and living the days that we desire for ourselves.
    Well done!



  2. masterkeyorange

    I struggled here too. Why would anyone want just one more know and then have to go through the process of dying again? And you’re right in that it is depressing, cuz we know that we will all get there. No. Don’t wanna think about it. Wanna think about living.

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  3. masterkeybrony

    I’m not very clear on that question… So I moved to the other two… but now… i just had a thought… maybe the person would give more attention to their health when they were younger… so they didn’t die from health reasons? or maybe they would have given more of their time to their loved ones instead of being closed off to love… they would have chosen to open their hearts a little more to experience the greatness of life… etc etc…. all week I didn’t really get it until I read your post and then it came to me… Well that’s what I’m thinking anyways… What do you reckon?

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  4. masterkeyrea

    Robin, (you did ask) That’s great. I love the place you in. Searching for the answer and you actually have it. MKMMA is giving us something to toil with to keep us thinking about NOW. Death & Life are both just a side of a coin. We Live, We Die, and something is said about us, about what we accomplished and so on. My take is this: “How can I experience LIFE more today” I do exactly that. I am so moved by this IDEAL that I could write book of each day now. I am able to see what has always been there, yet I see is as new.To be aware of what is before you is to experience Death. Not your body but the OLD you.When they speak/ask the questions about the Death of whoever, You are that DEAD person and the Question behind the question is simple.”What could you do today to experience life this last day of you life?” In that I mean tomorrow does not exist, so bring your thought to the present and LIVE………..
    sorry for the rant



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