Was it elves? MKMMA Week 19

I have always considered myself to be chronically UNorganized. The conversations in my sounded like this, “As soon as I get organized, then I’ll be able to…When I get my desk cleaned off then I can…I know there’s something important on my desk that needs to get done but I can’t find it…and so on.” I’ve noticed that it’s just been a good excuse to keep me from doing some of the things I knew I should be doing.

So last week, for the Franklin Makeover, I took on the virtue ‘well-organized’; noticing it, watching for it, looking for the lack of it. Then over the weekend something miraculous happened. I think elves showed up during the night and completely cleaned off my desk. Ok, so it wasn’t elves, it was ME! WHAT? It was very strange. I just started cleaning off shelves, recycling old literature, and putting things away. I went through every piece of paperwork on my desk and put it where it belonged. Then it was done and it didn’t even take long and it was easy. I turned to my husband and said, “Look at my desk? Have you ever seen it like this?” And all that worry and anxiety over losing something important? Well I ended up with a small pile of ‘non-urgent to do’s’ that won’t take long to do at all. And nothing to be worried about. Now I’ve been away in meetings all week and I’m actually excited about coming back to my home office and an organized desk.

I love the subtle way this program (MKMMA) works its magic. Pretty amazing!





4 thoughts on “Was it elves? MKMMA Week 19

  1. Carol Ann

    Interesting what some focus and allowance can do to wake you up to YOU! You are organized; great you are noticing. Congratulations!



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