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More tomorrow-MKMMA Week 23

Week from hell. Will post more tomorrow when I’m in a better space.


I Want it All – MKMMA Week 22A


We can have anything we want, but we can’t have everything we want all at the same time.

Bam! That hit me between the eyes. WHAT?
But I have a big ‘ol hairy list of everything I want to do, be and have in life and now that I’m in my 50’s I’m not sure I’ve even got the time to do, be or have it all. Who was it that said we can have it all? I must have missed the “not all at the same time” part.

The important piece that I got from this sentence is that because I have a tendency to take on lots of projects all at the same time, I am then scattered and don’t accomplish any of them well and I tend to get frantic. There’s truly only so many hours in a day, week, month…and those hours, minutes and seconds seem to be moving a lightning speed the older I get. (Truth is, we never know how much more time we have, but that’s for another blog).

Also…and this may be most important…taking on too many things at one time keeps me from becoming a Master at any one of them. I’m pretty good at many things but not excellent or masterful at any one thing. For me, I think it goes back to a ‘being responsible’ thing. If I’m scattered and frantic with lots to do, people understand if I’m flaky and don’t keep my promises, and that’s simply bull dookey!!!

So it’s time for me to focus. Time to take a stand and be committed to what I REALLY want to accomplish with whatever time I have left.

And so it is.


Mom – MKMMA Week 22

My mom is going to be 86 in June. My mom has dementia. My mom has been living in a memory care home for nearly 2 1/2 years. My mom recognizes me but I’m not sure she remembers that I’m her daughter. She now has 5 great grand-children but she doesn’t understand what that means. I have no way of knowing what’s going on in her mind because she’s lost the ability to put the right words together to make any sense.

I just received the March newsletter in the mail from the facility where she lives. My mom is the Resident Spotlight. Under her picture is says (I’ve left off some of the details for security)  “Emily was born on ********* in Astoria, NY. She married Bob ***** in Oakland, CA in 1958. She has two daughters, **** and Robin. She enjoys spending time with people and loves interacting with animals. Fun Fact: She LOVES sweets!”

SHE’S SO MUCH MORE!!! This woman actually took off with a girlfriend in 1957 and drove around Europe for 3 months! And that’s just one of her many adventures.Me and mom 2015

Well, I found myself just staring at that photo of her as the Resident Spotlight and tears filled my eyes. I’ve heard it said before that with dementia or Alzheimers your parent is gone but not gone. And there are so many of us dealing with a beloved parent who is gone…but not gone. I visit my mom as often as I can but for some reason, seeing her in the monthly newsletter hit me. This nice old lady who gave me life, took great care of me, loved me, taught me to be kind and loving and gracious…well, I’m just sad.

Here I am fully immersed in the teachings of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance. Studying about the power within, the power of our thinking, and I wonder if this ‘thinking’ could possibly reduce the incidence of dementia in my generation. I’m going to say YES! The mind is more powerful than we may ever know.