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A Big Idea – MKMMA Week 21


I’m finding that I’m a Big Idea woman. Some of them are crazy and some of them are actually kind of cool. Some of them I want to act on and some seem WAY TOO BIG! My thoughts then move to trying to figure out how I can implement my idea and that’s when I get into trouble. Trying to figure out all the details. But as we read over and over and over again in the Master Key, keep your attention on what you want and the ‘how’ will work itself out.

Back to my BIG ideas…in Part 21 paragraph 6, Haanel writes “Large ideas have a tendency to eliminate all smaller ideas so that it is well to hold ideas large enough to counteract and destroy all small or undesirable tendencies”. I must say that I have found this to be true. If my attention is on a large idea I just don’t have time for the little stuff. Who was it that said “Don’t sweat the small stuff”?

One last thing about ideas. There’s a fabulous children’s book written by Kobi Yamada called, What Do You Do With An Idea? I highly recommend it…and not just for your kids.

SPOILER ALERT…Stop here if you don’t want to know the very last page of the book.

“And then I realized what you do with an idea…

You change the world”.


Subtle Magic. MKMMA week 12

Okay…something is changing. The work (and it is work) that I’ve been doing through the MKMMA (Master Key MasterMind Alliance) is working it’s subtle magic on me. At least it kind of feels like magic. I’m more calm. I’m more at peace. I’m happier. I’m more optimistic. I’m more open. I’m more confident.

Have you ever noticed that when you have a breakthrough or a transformation in your life that sometimes it seems like life has ways been that way. Like you almost forget that you weren’t always like this. That’s how I was feeling. But as I’ve been reflecting on the last couple of weeks I’ve definitely noticed a shift in myself. (I’ve certainly noticed a change in my husband! He’s in the program too.)

I find myself waiting for someone in my life to notice and say something . I guess what I’m looking for is some validation…NOT. The only validation I need is from the gal in the mirror! She’s it.

The cool thing is that we’re not even halfway through the program. Watch out world!