One Think Leads to Another – MKMMA Week 17A


Giving attention to one negative thought can lead to another which leads to another which leads to another…then you find yourself looking up from the bottom of a pit wondering how you got there and somewhat hopeless of how to climb out. What if God is saying,”Why are you at the bottom of the pit? You’re making it more difficult to reach you down there. I’ve given you the power to choose your thoughts, lift your gaze and turn to me”.

I know there is tragedy in the world. People are suffering and facing tremendous challenges and I don’t mean to make light of our hardships. Changing a difficult situation can be the hardest thing we will ever do. It takes work, dedication, and focus. I’m sure you know someone in your life who’s done it…maybe it’s YOU.

One small exercise that’s made a difference in my outlook and my happiness is reading my 3×5 cards. Those cards contain great memories of events and achievements in my life. Things I’ve done that I’m proud of. Places I’ve been. People I love. Affirmations that call to me. Something nice that happened every day, and three things every day that I’m grateful for. I currently have 4 piles of about 50 cards each (and growing daily) and I read a few of them every day…it makes me smile…it makes me happy.

So maybe, just maybe, focusing on a positive thought will raise me up, lift my spirits, alter the course of my day…alter the course of my life. Maybe those positive thoughts are like God lifting us out of the pit…Maybe


The Art of Thinking. MKMMA Week 17


The art of thinking.

Have you ever considered your ability to think as an art?
As a fairly new artist I spend time focusing on the image of what I’m painting. I think about what colors to mix together to get just the right shade, value and depth. Then the brush strokes. Are the edges soft or hard. Where is the dark. Where is the light. The smallest touch of paint in the perfect place will make all the difference. I’m still learning and my paintings take dozens of hours of focused attention.
Now, can you imagine giving that much attention to your thinking?
Thousands of thoughts pass through our minds every day…spouse, kids, grand-kids, aging parents, work, customers, emails, Facebook, twitter, food, sleep, friends, exercise, how do I look, how do I feel, school, Angry Birds, baby shower, am I doing okay, jewelry, clothes, texting, business partners, the weather, the economy, our next president, do these jeans make my butt look big…Many are important…some aren’t, and some are just plain unnecessary. It can be overwhelming and exhausting!
Then all of a sudden, one catches your attention. Stops you in your tracks. Is it actually worthy of your attention? Will it empower your goals? It sticks around for awhile. Your insight and intuition gives you the opportunity to play with the thought before you commit to it. YES. Like the artist you give it your focused attention. You see the details in your mind. You feel passionate about it, you love it, you dream about it, you talk about it. It moves you in ways that you’ve never been moved before. Your actions are new. Your mind is clear. You relax. The pathway is set. Your subconscious mind goes to work. Your desire is in harmony with the Universal Mind…
And so it is.

A little more Kindness please – MKMMA Week 16

Kindness is everywhere. It’s been surprisingly remarkable at what I’ve experienced this week focusing on the virtue of kindness. I wasn’t expecting anything special but that hasn’t been the case. Not only have I noticed the kindnesses of others it’s worked its magic on me. I’ve always considered myself a kind person but keeping kindness in the forefront of my mind has really made a difference, and it hasn’t been forced, it’s occurring naturally.

What a great exercise. Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone focused on a little more kindness? 

Thinking about my thinking. MKMMA week 15

I’m thinking about my thinking. I’m observing myself and others. I’m seeing that most of the time we are a reaction to life…someone does or says something that upsets you. You dwell on the upset. And down you go…down into the tunnel of despair. You wonder why you had such a crappy day. There’s that old saying “I must have gotten out of the wrong side of the bed!” Yeah, that must be it. 🙄  The truth is that your negative thought perpetuated itself and BAM…one crappy thing after another. 

Same day, new scenario…law of substitution. I can instantly replace a negative thought with a positive one. One positive thought leads to another. Now the day takes a turn upward. Sounds like Pollyanna, right? Maybe…but it works and I love it. 

It’s certainly not as easy as I just made it sound. Mental effort really is…effort.    But it’s so worth it! I’d much rather have a good day then a lousy one. And I actually get to say how it goes.

Cool Runnings – MKMMA Week 14


4 habits of persistence…the Hero’s Journey…A burning desire…A definite purpose…Continuous action…Protect your mind from negative influences and suggestions…An alliance.

I’ll never to be able to watch movies the same way!

All of these were present in the movie Cool Runnings, and their ‘dream of being in the Olympics’ came true. That’s what we like to see in movies…happy endings, right? We want the Hero to win! In the past I would have chalked it up to a good story, after all it’s a movie, it’s supposed to entertain us. But if we follow the 4 habits of persistence isn’t a happy ending available to us all? We want to see the ordinary person rise to a great accomplishment because we know deep down that we are that person too. There is something you want in life, something you want to be…the question is, do you have a burning desire to achieve it? Are you willing to ‘pay the price’? Wouldn’t it be worth it? I’ve been reflecting on these questions for myself. The answers are not as easy as I would have thought.

American author, Henry David Thoreau wrote “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

Despair – Loss of hope, hopelessness – To lose, give up or be without hope.

Well, that’s not my future. So I choose the Hero’s journey and I’m guessing you do too.


I Always Keep My Promises. MKMMA Week 13


Part of our ‘work’ in the MKMMA program is to write out our Plan of Action, which we add to each week, and a weekly ‘service’ that we’re going to do (calling it a service is more inspiring than a chore). We write these out on index cards and read them OUT LOUD three times a day. At the bottom of each card we wrote “I always keep my promises.”

In observing myself during my reading last night I realized that (up until now) I kind of suck at keeping my promises. Here’s the commentary in my head from last night…”well I didn’t do that service this week. Damn. It’s only the first week I’ve missed, oh well. But I never done that one thing on my POA (plan of action). Am I EVER going to do that one? I do that other one sometimes…maybe if I put that one in front of me on my desk I’ll remember to do it. Sigh. Oh well, is it really that big of a deal? Who’s gonna know anyway?”

ME! I know! The gal in the glass! I’m the one who knows that I’m not keeping my word TO MYSELF. And if I’m not keeping my word to myself I sure as hell am not keeping my word to other people. More observation…I think that because I’m a nice person people won’t get mad when I don’t keep a promise. Ugh. (Return a call when I said I would, get some information for someone, do the thing I said I’d do when I said I’d do it) It’s true that for the most part people don’t get mad at me. And for the most part I keep my word with the BIG THINGS. But it’s those little things that add up and every time I say “I always keep my promises” it’s chipping away at my integrity and It’s really not working for me. DUH!

So then I start negotiating with myself. Looking to see what would be EASY for me to do. What can I put on those cards that I’m going to do…FOR SURE? Seems a bit like a cop-out but maybe that’s where I begin…again. Begin with those things that I KNOW I’m going to do so when I say (many times a day) that I always keep my promises I’ll have the experience of saying yes…I do!

After all, isn’t it the little things that add up to big results and create good habits? I believe it is.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. I wish you ALL THE BEST THAT LIFE HAS TO OFFER.

Love, Robin