Press Release – The Sacramento Bee – October 28, 2020


Robin Reves-May, network marketing million dollar earner with Shaklee, was approached by Katie Couric to discuss the benefits, lifestyle and misconceptions about the Network Marketing/Direct Sales Industry for a nationally televised broadcast about entrepreneurs in the 21st century. Robin was chosen because the income from her home-based business is over a million dollars a year and allows her and her family an exceptional lifestyle. She supports several local charities and is the 3rd generation of her family to own the home-based business.

Robin invited Katie and her film crew to do the interview in her country home in the beautiful El Dorado wine country in California. Since Robin has lived in Sacramento from the age of 2, and still runs her business primarily from her Sacramento home it was of interest to tell her story in The Sacramento Bee.

I arrived with Katie and the crew early Friday morning after the beautiful drive from Sacramento. It’s a perfect fall day in Somerset and as we enter through the gate of the 16 acre property we’re greeted by the sight of at least a dozen deer and several fat turkeys. To the left is a young but thriving olive orchard and to the right are fruit trees and an attractive greenhouse that looks to be filled with winter vegetables. The main house is a lovely mountain farmhouse style with a large and comfortable front porch and natural landscaping. Robin’s combination office art studio is a separate structure off to the left.

Robin and her husband, Carl, come out to greet us and are very excited to have us here to share Robin’s story with Katie. They took us on a quick tour of the property, including a walk down to the river and the beautifully decorated office art studio before heading to the main house for the interview. We entered through the rustic wooden front door to find a large great room and kitchen, which was beautifully remodeled in 2018, where the entire family can gather. The film crew decides to begin the interview on the back deck overlooking the pine trees and large oaks.

Katie begins with her first pointed question. “Robin, this is a beautiful place to relax and it’s obvious that you’ve done well with your Network Marketing business, but isn’t it true that there are only a handful of people who in the MLM industry who actually do well”?

“Well, you certainly get right to the point, Katie, but I’m sure you’ve done your research and found that there are many network marketing millionaires and thousands of people who’s primary income is their MLM business. But Network marketing has certainly gotten a bad rap over the years and it is different from other entrepreneurial careers and if you take it seriously and treat it like a business the opportunity to do well is outstanding. But I think that because of the low start up cost, and a lack of skills training, it’s easy to not take seriously. Then, those people who don’t do well say it’s because network marketing doesn’t work, when the truth is that they really didn’t know what to do, didn’t truly give it a chance and honestly didn’t treat it like a business”.

Katie, “But it was your grandmother that built your business, right?”

Robin, “Yes it was. She certainly laid a strong foundation. She was introduced to Shaklee in 1964 and built the business to nearly a six figure income and she wanted to make sure that it would be well taken care of when she was gone. So, at her bequest, my parents and I took over in 1987 when she passed away. Unfortunately, we had no training and no support so we did a good deal of floundering. But right here is the beauty of network marketing, passive income…you do the work once and it pays off for decades. It’s truly a magnificent financial investment. So while we were foundering and figuring out what to do, our income naturally grew because of the strength and commitment of our entire organization.”

“But it was in 2015 that our lives really took a turn. One of our leaders introduced me to the training of Mark and Davene Januszewski and the Master Key Master Mind Alliance program in addition to their Go90Grow training for network marketers. My husband, Carl, and I are lifelong students of life. We’ve participated in many personal development programs since the early 1990’s. Carl had retired from teaching in 2013 and started working with me in the business and when we looked at the Master Key and Go90Grow programs we decided to do them together. It was 6 months of focused personal development work unlike anything we’d ever done before. As we changed our thinking and implemented the training we began to attract more and more people to partner with us. Not only did we have new people join us but our existing group began to have more success as well. In the last 5 years our business has doubled, which means there are now over 600 leaders in our organization. Which translates to thousands of customers and distributors worldwide. Our income has doubled but more importantly the people in our group are earning more too. There are at least 200 people earning six figure incomes. So you see, Katie, with the right thinking, belief and skills, people really can make an excellent living in network marketing”.

Katie, “That’s impressive. But you were earning half a million a year in 2015. Why not just relax and enjoy life. I’ve heard that’s the promise of network marketing”?

Robin, “Absolutely, and we could have easily done that. But we really wanted to be able to do more and give more and have a strong business to pass on to our kids and grand-kids. And my husband and I wanted to do more for our community. So we now support several non-profits and charities in the Sacramento region. But what we really love is that our business is all about helping other people. There aren’t any other business ventures that I know of that have as many benefits as network marketing. It’s brilliant”.

Katie, “Well, I’m convinced. Now tell me more about your life over the last 5 years.”

Robin, “As I said earlier, the programs we did with Mark and Davene were truly a springboard for us. As you can see, we did this major remodel here in Somerset. We were also able to purchase the 8 acres next to us and we’re planning on building another house on that property so we can have more room for family and friends. We all have so much fun relaxing here and playing in the river during the summer months. We purchased a beautiful home in the Land Park area of Sacramento where we can host small events for our local business partners and entertain. We had a spectacular time when we took the family to New York and Italy in 2017 to celebrate my granddaughter’s college graduation and my oldest daughter’s 40th birthday. A dream of mine was to go to Africa. So last year we took the family on an African Safari for 2 weeks. That was a trip of a lifetime. We get to travel every year with Shaklee too. In addition to the annual incentive trips, I was invited to speak to our Chinese distributors in 2015 and again in 2016. It’s been remarkable to experience the cultures of the world”.

“I also got more serious about my own health.  I realized that if I want to be around to play with my great-great grand kids that I’d better take better care of this body I was given. I already had the nutrition part handled with our Shaklee products but I my eating and exercising was lacking. I got to my ideal weight in 2016 and I really feel like I did in my 30’s. I even learned the Argentine Tango.”

Katie, “I’ve noticed all the artwork in your home and office. Some of it’s your work isn’t it”?

Robin, “Yes. I’ve always been crafty. But in 2013 I started oil painting classes. About three years ago I found my thing…you know, my style of painting. It finally just clicked. It’s very spiritual for me. Last year I had my first art show. It was so exciting. There were about 100 people who attended and I sold 14 paintings and I donated the proceeds to the Sacramento Crisis Nursery. Not bad for my first showing”.

Katie, “I really like your work. As we wrap up, is there anything else you’d like to tell me”?

Robin, “My Shaklee business has given me the opportunity for real freedom. Time freedom and financial freedom. I now spend about 6 months a year traveling and painting while my daughters manage our business. The people who truly desire that in their lives will do well in network marketing and I’m proud to be able to walk that journey with the people we attract to partner with us.”

“I want all people to experience love, connection and acknowledgement. Besides my relationship to God my family is the most important thing in my life and my Shaklee business is the vehicle that allows me to live my life’s purpose. Katie, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story with the world. It’s been an honor”.


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